Sunday, 21 July 2019

New satellite details for Aastha in Europe. You can watch Aastha for FREE on Satellite: 
Astra 2F - Transponder: Txp-95 - Frequency: 11,55275 – Polarity - Linear/Horizontal - Symbol Rate: 22.0 - Modulation: 4PSK - FEC: 5/6 - DVB-S carrier - Service ID: 55110.

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His name at birth was Yogendra but at the behest of a Muslim fakir it was changed to Khidmat. One embodiment of Bengali saint called him Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s avatar after seeing him chanting mantras.

After completing his education at the age of 21, he abandoned all the materialistic and worldly luxuries, and after attaining supernatural powers from the divine Saint Swami Ramanand ji Maharaj, he attained renunciation.

After covering 23000 kilometers through plains, inaccessible mountains and Himalayas, he met people from the communities and received information about their lives. With a plain dhoti on his body and simple chappals, he is orienting people towards religion. The scholar of several major languages, he is known by the name of ‘laathi wale bhaiya’ in the country.

After writing several books and compositions, he has established various centers for awakening the spiritual consciousness. Shri Hareshwar Mahadev Temple, whose foundations have been laid by Hindu, Muslim and Sikh together, has become the symbol of communal harmony and unity across India today.

He has not only stopped the ‘bali practice’ at many places but also, with his inspiration many people are living happy and healthy lives by abandoning drinking, non-veg, gambling etc.

He has also received ‘Acheivers News Makers Award’ 2010, for best spiritual leader at Taj hotel, Mumbai.


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