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Swamiji was born in a respectable brahmin family. As a child, he used to be lost in the memories of the events of his previous births and was destined to be a saint in this life, as he put it. At the tender age of two and a half years, he displayed an interest in becoming a wandering monk. His parents were advised that if he is put on a potter’s wheel and churned anti-clockwise with force, he would forget his past. So this method was tried on him so that he might behave like other ordinary village children but the fire in him for knowing the truth could not be extinguished with these rituals. His first encounter of witnessing the accomplishment of a Sage in the field of yoga was when he was in 9th grade.

While he was in the College, he actively participated in the debates, composing and recitation of poems and Prayers. He was fond of organizing and participating in the relief camps for mitigating the hardship of flood and famine victims, people suffering from contagious diseases and other physical ailments. He was then staying as a paying guest at the house of a local Priest, when he had a busy schedule, he authorized him to perform the worship and retain the dakshina given to him. However, this was only his formal recognition as a priest and not an end to his quest for self-realization. So one day, he quit his worldly life and quietly left for the Himalayas in search of Gyana and Satya.

Wandering for months over the lower ranges of Himalayas, he realized that he needed a God-realized guru to guide him. He found his Guru, Swami Avdhoot Prakash Maharaj who was both self-realized and an expert in Yoga and versatile in knowledge about the Veda and other scriptures. Under the master’s direct guidance, he studied the Vedas and scriptures and cultivated his knowledge of Sanskrit. Eventually he received his first formal initiation (Diksha) by observing complete celibacy (Brahmacharya). Soon after his initiation, his Guru left the mortal body, leaving the young disciple to carry on his devotion to yoga and meditation on his own. In 1985, after intense Sadhana, a great Yogi emerged from the caves of the Himalayas and contacted Satyamittranandji, founder of Bharat Mata Temple, and soon after, received initiation to enter a true monastic life. He entered Junapeeth Akhara, one of the seven Akharas. The new name given to him was Swami Avdheshanand Giri.

After spending some time teaching and getting involved in social work, he realized that he needed to become an instrument of social reform. This realization led him to become a preacher of the philosophy of Hindu religion. In a very short time span the worldwide tours which he made him earn respect and love from seekers of truth all over the globe. Soon after that, he was recognized as a gifted speaker. He would develop a rapport and an instant relationship with the devotees. A large number of people after listening to his lectures from the scriptures become his ardent disciples and devotees, seeking to get initiation from him. His lectures on various scriptures are given in India and abroad and are televised on many T.V. channels for humanity.

In 1998, the Juna Akhara, representing a clan of accredited saints, formally decided to make him the head acharya or Mahamandalashewar. The Acharya has assumed the mantle of a guru for the numerous devotees According to him, it is the meditation which keeps him rejuvenated; which gives him energy, vitality, peace and bliss. He says that if there is anything difficult in the world, it is to start. Once you have taken off, you have nearly accomplished the task.

He has initiated about a million devotees and sanyassins during the last ten years or so. As an Acharya, he is the guiding spirit behind all the activities of Juna Akhada and the Hindu Acharya Sabha. Harihar Ashram in Kankhal (Hardwar) is the main Ashram and seat of Acharya. He founded Prabhu Premi Sangh, a charitable body in 1991 which has about a million members as devotees.

He has faith and respect for all religions. He affirms and expresses his belief that there is only one God who controls the whole universe. All the creations in the universe are purely out of His will and wish. Further, all human beings are children of the same Almighty. We are just like waves in the ocean longing to merge with our source of origin, that is, God whose fraction we are. We take birth again and again to bear the fruits of Karma. He has firm belief that all the religions of the world convey the same basic message of love, peace and brotherhood. He keeps an interaction with the heads of all the religions throughout the world. He is strictly opposed to the confining of religious passion and self-sacrifice to the limits of any sect, area or region. He says that secularism means showing respect to all religions in words and deeds. He particularly mentions that removal of illiteracy, economic backwardness and inculcation of character-building measures endowed with the feeling of affinity for all the people and religions are necessary for the harmony and peace in the society.

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