Sunday, 21 July 2019

New satellite details for Aastha in Europe. You can watch Aastha for FREE on Satellite: 
Astra 2F - Transponder: Txp-95 - Frequency: 11,55275 – Polarity - Linear/Horizontal - Symbol Rate: 22.0 - Modulation: 4PSK - FEC: 5/6 - DVB-S carrier - Service ID: 55110.

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Born on the auspicious day of 26th September,1966 in Mumbai, to Smt. Rekhaben and Shri Dilipbhai Jhaveri, He showed signs of divinity at a very young age. Pujyashri Gurudev's extraordinary brilliance enabled Him to effortlessly master profound subjects like the Six Schools of Thought, Jain Scriptures, Logic, Philosophy and Sanskrit in a very short span of time. Observing long periods of silence, delving deeper into meditation resulted in His attaining greater heights of spirituality.

Academically having passed M.A. (Philosophy) with a gold medal, He wrote an extensive research treatise on Shrimadji's finest literary creation, 'Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra' for which the University of Mumbai conferred on Him the degree of Ph.D. in 1998.

In 2001, Pujyashri Gurudev's boundless compassion manifested in the form of the glorious Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram, Dharampur, where thousands of aspirants congregate to imbibe His teachings and elevate themselves. The Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care Programme was launched with the aim of selflessly serving all living beings. This growing movement of sadhana and seva, took the form of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur in 2010.

His unconditional love and extraordinary virtues, His ability to endear everyone, be it a small baby or an 80-year-old, to relate to child and scholar alike - at their own level, His cheerful disposition; His personalised and simple, yet effective guidance to each devotee has spiritually transformed their lives. A visionary and contemporary sage, Pujyashri Gurudev is uplifting humanity through inner augmentation and societal service.

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