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On a day of May 1976, he was going to Sirohi, on the way, near Pindwara, Sirohi, he saw that a truck had collided with a passenger bus, the accident was very serious. He immediately rushed to the accident spot to rescue the injured people and got them admitted in civil hospital, Sirohi. He used to visit hospital everyday to enquire about condition of the injured people, but on a particular day, due to some urgent assignment he couldn't make his visit to the hospital. And the very next morning, a weak person along with his 10-12 year old daughter came to his office and his eyes were full of tears. Dr. Kailash Manav could identify the girl, as she was one of the injured persons admitted in the hospital. He asked the man about the purpose for meeting him so early in the morning. The man politely replied- “Babuji!  You did not come to hospital to visit us yesterday evening, my daughter is, since then, crying to see you & wanting to know as to why you did not visit her yesterday”. They were completely unknown to him but his ten day visit to the hospital turned the lives of many patients, as he met each & every single patient as with so much love & affection. He has always been a very sentimental and kind hearted person. After this incident, he never missed any opportunity to visit the hospital daily and meet the injured persons admitted there.

After some months, he was transferred to Udaipur and there too he developed the habit to visit the government hospital every day, meet the patients and purchase medicines for these patients from his own money.

An incident proved to be a turning point in his life. On one day, he was on his regular visit to the hospital and was talking to the patients, kitchen staff was serving the food to the patients. He saw an old man who was eating one chapatti and hiding 2 chapattis beside his pillow. Dr. Kailash Manav became curious to know the reason behind it, and went to the old man, Kishna Ji Bhil and asked “Baa saab what is the matter, are you not hungry enough? Why have you hid the chapatties beside your pillow?” The eyes of the old man filled with tears. He replied- “Babuji! I am still hungry, but my brother & son, who are taking care of me, have nothing to eat. Whatever money, we had borrowed for my treatment is completely spent on my medicines. If I eat all of the 3 chapatties, my son & brother would remain hungry, so I have kept these chapatties for them”. After saying these words, the old man started crying bitterly. This incident moved his heart very deeply. On the very next day during Dushehra Pooja, he told his friend about this incident and they all decided to help the patients like Kishna Ji. They decided to collect a handful of flour from the neighbours, bake chapattis and distribute them among the attendants of the poor patients in the hospital daily.

A history was created on 23rd October, 1985 when the collection of a handful of flour and service to the patients was given the name of “NARAYAN SEVA”. Smt. Kamla Devi Agarwal, wife of Dr. Kailash Manav is a religious and pious lady; she stood by her husband in this humanitarian endeavour. His daughter Kalpana also was always at the command of her parents and always assisted her mother in baking chapatties.


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