Thursday, 20 June 2019

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He was born on 5th march 1970. At the tender age of eight, he was desperate to know the truths of life. He wanted to know why people are conditioned by ignorance, delusion, deprivation and suffering. Hence, he understood that this unhappiness is due to karma and this realization made him dream about a good society which can develop into a better world tomorrow.

With this ideology, he was once travelling towards Chennai via Kancheepuram when his car broke down in front of Kanchi Shankaracharya mutt/ashram. Due to coincidence Gurudev ji's vehicle got broke down exactly at the time of Darshan. He paid the visit to kanchee ashram to have darshan of the Shankaracharya Swamy. As he had the darshan he felt there is some extraordinary thing or power in that person. He in his mind asked for blessings from Swamiji. On third day after this incident Swamiji came in his dream and blessed him. In the dream Swamiji told him that he was born to do well to this world and inspired him to follow the tradition in which he was born. From then on he started doing lots of charitable and social work for the well being of the society.

Subsequently Jainacharya Sri Bhuvanbhanusuriji Maharaj blessed him with a beautiful and precious picture of Sri Shankheshwara Parshwanatha which the Acharya used to keep with him always. When he spent his time in the devotion of the omniscient Vitaraga Lord Parshwa his joy knew no bounds. He experienced that the attendant deities of the Lord rejoiced with him in his devotion and at times helped him to continue with his devotional practices in a mysterious way. Once he saw a pair of serpents on a heap of kumkum in his dream. Then a Jain saint interpreted the dream and he was inspired by the latter to take up the aradhana of Goddess Padmavathi. Thus began the devotion of Goddess Padmavathi and along with it miracles began to happen at the place where the bhakti of the Goddess took place. People began to throng the place and join him in the devotion of the Lord. The land of Shaktipitha was acquired and slowly and steadily the constructions converted it to a holy land i.e., Tirthakshetra.

The beautiful idol of mother Padmavathi was installed and it began to attract scores of devotees. One day Vasanth became curious to know the art of bhakti. He found a book written by Jaina Acharya Rajyashsurishwarji on Ma Padmavathi but could not read it as it was in Sanskrit and Gujarati. He felt helpless and wept before the Goddess and pleaded her to teach him everything. Later the mother appeared in his dream and blessed him to read and the very next moment he could read and interpret everything rightly.

Miracles seem to take place every day in the durbar of Lord Parshwanatha, Goddess Padmavathi and in the presence of Vasanth Gurudev Ji. He became literally eyes to the blind and feet to the lame.

Shaktipithadhipati Sri Vasanth Gurudev Ji toils day and night to inspire people to conquer their animality which is the biggest enemy of humanity and manifests in the form of anger, conceit, deceit, greed, egotism, delusion, violence, terrorism, corruption, etc. He simultaneously, silently and compassionately motivates them to be virtuous and nurture humanitarian qualities like compassion, selflessness etc., in order to enable them to realize their latent divine potential and manifest it. This is the supreme grace which he wants everybody to experience and rejoice in. He wants everybody to be duty conscious and spiritually aware so that they may transcend the ocean of births and deaths. He is not only an passionate devotee of Sri Parshwa Padmavathi but a spiritual aspirant who takes to rigorous practices like a tapasvi, scriptural study like a swadhyayi, meditation like a dhyani and devotion like a true bhakta. He is a social reformer and a visionary par excellence He lays great stress on inner purification and this self-purification is the greatest tirtha. He is of the firm belief that all modern-evils like violence, terrorism, violation of human rights, degradation of human dignity, environmental degradation, etc are because of the spiritual crisis that man is going through and says that nurturing friendliness with all life-forms can enable us to overcome the challenges of modern times. He says that one can reach the Paramatman by mastering control over the body through yoga and the asanas, control over the speech by mauna vrata (noble silence) and control over the mind by bhav shuddi (inner purification) and prayaschitt (expiation). Just as love is blind, bhakti too is blind; there should be complete surrender in bhakti.

The tirtha of Krishnagiri is made holy by the sadhana and taparadhana of His Holiness Sri Vasanth Gurudev Ji. His self-confidence and determination are exemplary and noteworthy. Although he appears to be an ordinary mortal, the divine grace he radiates can be felt by all those who come in his contact. One can observe Saraswati in his voice, Parshwa Padmavathi in his mind, Arihantas in his heart and the sacred scriptures in his hand. One can see in him a combination of both Yoga and Sadhana as he imbibes the lofty ideals of the Namaskar Mahamantra in his day to day life. He preaches and teaches the art of right living through devotion and renunciation.

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