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Osho Priya Ji was born on 8th May, 1958. The seeds of spiritualism were sown in her through her parents. Her father initially followed traditional Sannyas, he was a disciple of Swami Akhandanand. With the guidance of her grandfather, who was a disciple of Dhuniwale Baba, her mother started learning and practicing meditation. Osho has described him as an awakened being. At night time, her mother used to narrate experiences of meditation and told her stories from epics like - Ramayana, Mahabharata and other scriptures. She was born and brought up in a religious environment.

She grew up in the rich atmosphere of music. She had a strong inclination towards music as it always filled her with deep relaxation, bliss and enthusiasm. At a very young age, she had a strong desire to play the harmonium. She sat down to play the instrument and in no time she was able to play the right notes of a song perfectly. With her interest in music intensifying, she joined a music school to take proper training in vocal music. Whenever she used to sing, she listened herself singing with closed eyes. She became a watcher to her own creation. In such moments she forgot the audience, because singing was one thing that always filled her with complete self-awareness. Her new master Pandit Madhukar Rao Pathak, gave her training for classical singing. His method of training was very typical, as he never let her write notes for the new raga and wanted her to learn it just by listening to it. This gave her a chance to experience total awareness. This art of listening was the most beautiful practice she was trained in by her music teacher. She did M. A. in Philosophy and Prabhakar in Music in 1979.

She had been introduced to meditation by her father, who used to take her along to the burning place, hills and on the riversides and would ask her to listen to all that existence has to offer and watch her breathing pattern. This technique to watch the breathing is popularly known as Vipassana. She joined Osho’s-Neo-Sannyas movement in 1973 and Osho, her Master, gave her ‘Ma Amrit Priya’ as her new Sannyas name.

She got the chance to go to Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA, and lived a multi-dimensional life. Rajneeshpuram was a place where she learnt the skills of work. In Rajneeshpuram, she was working in the kitchen, named Magdalena, cutting vegetables for around 10,000 sannyasins. Occasionally she was asked to clean big utensils. Work remained work as long as self-remembrance was not there, but the moment she was filled with self-remembrance along with her actions, work became worship. During those days she was playing drums for the choir. One of the most precious and cherished moments of her life was when on one occasion Osho stopped his car right in front of her; just a look of his eyes melted her. He raised both his hands in a gesture that asked her to play faster, and faster. She was not a professional drummer, but that day the sticks were rolling on the drums so fast as if many horses was flying in the race. In that moment she felt herself as pure and total witness to her actions. She became a choice less observer to every single stroke on the drums. In this process she learnt the essence of Dhyan Yoga- Witnessing consciousness.

When she was living in Sauraha, Nepal, the nation was hit by the bacterial intestinal infection. Despite of lot of care and protection she became its victim. Bade Swamiji (Osho Siddhartha) tried all possible homeopathic medicines but they all proved ineffective. Physician from local Bharatpur Hospital was called but her condition deteriorated fast. Very strangely, she had no feeling of sickness within. She was feeling fresh and fine inside although there was a lot going on at the physical periphery. There came a moment when her pulse became very weak, almost impalpable. Different medications, Intravenous Saline-Glucose drip were given, but nothing was left to for the doctor to experiment that could be a life saver. Slowly and slowly she was moving closer to death. Her physical being was shrinking but her consciousness was still vast and relaxed. She was greeting her physical shrink and was accepting the end of this body. She was doing her last rituals i.e. looking at her beloved Master's photograph and expressing her gratitude to Osho. She said to Osho, “Osho, if this is how you want, I welcome your decision. Please take care of Shailendraji when I am gone.” She closed her eyes and was waiting for her death, after an hour when she opened her eyes she felt as if life is coming back to her body. This was the biggest lesson of life to learn how to die, how to accept death with grace.

On 25th January, 2000 the seeds of spiritualism flowered within her in the form of enlightenment. With the inner illumination, arose a feeling more intensively of carrying on Osho's work to masses. Shailendraji had a vision and intuition that in a new ashram Osho's work would flourish and spread among many seekers around the world. She will play an important central role and Bade swamiji will remain with them as thier master, guide, guardian and leader of the spiritual movement. This vision has proved true in letter and spirit with birth and growth of Oshodhara into the greatest spiritual stream on Earth today.

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