Tuesday, 12 November 2019

New satellite details for Aastha in Europe. You can watch Aastha for FREE on Satellite: 
Astra 2F - Transponder: Txp-95 - Frequency: 11,55275 – Polarity - Linear/Horizontal - Symbol Rate: 22.0 - Modulation: 4PSK - FEC: 5/6 - DVB-S carrier - Service ID: 55110.

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His Revered grandfather Late Shri Nandkishorji was a great scholar of Sanskrit literature and Astrology. Revered Shastriji’s primary education began in the guidance of his father in Chawar. He came to the holy land of Vrindavan at the age of 12. His formal and secondary education was received from Revered Gurudev Pandit, Shri Rajvanshi Dwediji Maharaj in the Sanskrit school established by Dharma Ratna Swami, Shri Hariharnand Saraswati (Karpartriji) Maharaj till he was bestowed with the title of “Shastri“. To master the study of Epic Shrimad Bhagwad, he was placed under the guidance of Revered Bhagwad Acharya Shri Ramanujacharyaji.

He was initiated to the ancient Nimbarka Sampradaya and was given ‘Deeksha’ by the divine holy Viashnav Saint Shri Sukhdevji Maharaj (Goutham Muni Ashram) with the blessings of his Guru, at an early age of 21, he gave his first discourse on Shrimad Bhagwad, on the banks of sacred Gangotri (origin of river Ganga) on the humble request of a staunch Shiva devotee, Late Shri Vishanchandji Shahajanpur (Uttar Pradesh). Many Holy Saints and spiritual leaders were present who were impressed by his ascetic powers. The intensity of his discourse was so strong that a person felt ompassionate.


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