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Swamiji has been very kindly given to us to alleviate our pains, sorrows, worries and tensions. This incarnation of all positive traits made his presence on this earth on the great day of 15th May 1957 in the bosom of revered Mother Smt. Kaushalya Devi and the religious father Sh. Ramji Das Chanda. That Swamiji was born to these great parents is an indication of the holy spirit and pure thoughts of the couple.

Swamiji manifested inclination towards religious and pious thoughts from his very childhood. Right from the beginning Swamiji showed a seriousness of thoughts and sincerity towards aims. Swamiji is well educated, having done his B.A. from D.A.V. College, Ambala and M.A. in Political Science from M.N. College, Ambala Cantt. Even during student life Swamiji was moved to do something for the misled youth.

It is because of this reason perhaps that even today Swamiji's speeches contain teachings to provide direction to the youth. When in B.A.- II yr, Swamiji encountered the sudden demise of a dear one, which brought him face to face with the temporariness of this world. This incident initiated a thought in Swamiji's mind that if life is so transient, why not make it permanent through efforts in the path of God. At the same time Swamiji also experienced that everyone in this world is under tension and is in search of peace and happiness. But the question arises, where one can find that peace which is eternal and is not accompanied by any sorrows. These very questions made Swamiji much more introspective and thoughtful, and by the time he completed his M.A. he could find correct direction towards attaining spiritual truth. He found his mentor in the most learned and pious saint the Venerable Gurudev Swami Shree Gitanand Ji Maharaj (Veer Ji, Satsang Bhawan, Gita Nagri, Ambala City). Swami Shri Gyananand Ji imbibed every single word of the great saint, the most venerable, Swami Gitanand Ji and he became source of inspiration to the young Sadhaka. Under Swami Gitanand's tutelage Swami Gyananand found answer to all his queries. The road to spiritual knowledge became easy enough, and the aim of life seemed to be well within reach. As soon as the exams of M.A. (final year) were over Swamiji dedicated himself to the service of his revered Guru Swami Gitanandji. Swami Gyananand spend around 7½ years in the sacred company of saint Gitanand, the seed of the desire to achieve the ultimate indestructible truth widened to a tree. It was during this period that Swamiji made an in-depth study of the Bhagvad Gita, which resulted in his being known as a scholar of the Gita. Swamiji devotion to his Guru is exemplary and he could quote all the preaching of his mentor verbatim. He devoted himself fully to the cause of satsang, service, self-dependence, meditation etc.

The next phase of his life came when he went in for a solitary existence devoting himself fully to the invocation of God for 42 yrs. At sacred places like Haridwar, Rishikesh, Shukratal etc. Swami Gyanand finally found his abode in the holy place of Vrindavan, due to the blessings of Lord Krishna himself. Treading the footsteps of Swami Vivekanand who spread the light of Hinduism and Indian culture to whole of the world with the blessings of his Guru Swami Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Swami Gyananand too, with the blessings of his guru saint Gitanand Ji, improved upon the lives of innumerable human beings through his interpretation of the Bhagvad Gita and Indian culture. Due to his influence people are feed of the base emotions such as laziness, sorrow, attachment etc. Swamiji succeeded in building the Shree Krishna Kripa Dham and Aashram after a very short stay in Vrindavan. This could possible only because of Lord Krishna's noble blessings. The hermitage is helping people through practical solutions too in addition to satsang. In fact Shree Krishna Kripa Samiti's initiated by Swamiji are doing a great social service through free distribution of ration, construction of cow shelters, marriages of poor girls, blood donation camps, free medical camps and artificial limbs to the handicapped, helping the terrorist hit Kashimri populace, etc. are some of the noble deeds among the numerous others. Last year Swamiji traveled to the north east, where he had very pleasant experiences. At the same time he also encountered almost total ignorance about the Hindu religion and tradition.

Poverty and lack of education there made a deep impact on his noble and kind heart. He resolved to help the poor and helpless children of the north east. The result is the establishment of Shri Krishna Kripa sewa Ashkam at Rasoolpui in Yamunanagar (Haryana). Every year tribal children will be brought here for education and loving care. Indeed this spirit of service is unparalleled.

Swamiji undertakes the holy journey to sacred places of Gangotri, Yamunotri, Ganga Sagar, Amarkantale, Rameshwaram etc. every year; and accompanying him on such journeys is an education in itself. His discourses on the Bhagvad Gita bring peace and bliss not only to his followers but also to hardcore criminals serving their sentences in respective central jails across the country. Maharaj Shri's pen is as mighty as his speeches. His "Shri Krishna Kripa Amit", "Gita Gyan Bhajan Mala", "Gyan Chhandavali", "Shri Krishna Mere Pyare", "Gyan Manan Mala- Part-1, 2", "Gita Manan Mala", "Divyata Ki Jhalkiyan", "Bhagvat Stuti Evam Prarthna", "Hamare Gurudev," "Vidyarthiyon evam Yuvaon ke Prati" and many more are immortal creations for the spiritual upliftment of his followers.

Gurudev's life is a dynamic example of a life full of a new bliss and even newer eagerness to help others every moment. His life is an example of total devotion to the service of the most deserving - the poor, helpless and deserted people. This is only bliss and contentment in Gurudev's life. He leads by example. Even during a hectic tour programme, his main concern is to reach out to those who need out help. One does not find any worry or tension on his face, only a completely relaxed visage and a trust in Lord Krishna. We bow our heads in reverence to this saint.

Such men as Swami Gyananand are sent on this earth to bring the astray humanity to the path of goodness and kindness. He has been sent to redeem the lesser mortals like us who are leading selfish lives.


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