Tuesday, 12 November 2019

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At the age of 3 years, he began to stand on his head with legs upward (a yogic kriya called “Padamasan”). His great grandmother was a devotee of Balaji and he used to be with her during the religious “puja” or “kirtan” and as a result, he began to take such puja / archna studiously and evolve into a spiritually-inclined personality. At the age of 7 years, he used to read out Bhagwat, Ramayna, Gita, Shiv Purana etc. to his grandmother every day.  This repeated and regular narration of the texts of shastras got imprinted in his memory.  He never missed opportunities of attending religious sermons / kathas / programmes. He stunned the people around by giving “quotes” / examples from Gita at such a tender age. While carrying on his school studies, and inspiring people, he realized that his destination is spiritualism.

At the age of 9, he wanted to leave home and study in a Guru’s Ashram, so he came over to Varindavan where learned Guru late Pandit Rajvanshi Dwivedy initiated him into the divine language of Sanskrit and taught him most lovingly like his own son.  Seeing his naughtiness and pranks, later, Panditji started calling him by the sweet names of Krishna and Thakurji.  His name, thus, metamorphosed from Sanjeev to Sanjeev Krishna Tahkurji.  Here in the Ashram, Thakurji did in-depth study of Bhagwat and Vedas etc and got Diksha (spiritual initiation) from Pandit Moolchand Shastri of Vallabh Sampradhyaya who was a family man and accepted him as his “shishya” i.e. disciple.

At the tender age of 12 years, Thakurji graced “Vyaspeeth” (the pious seat occupied by a Guru for delivering sermons) by the blessings and consent of his Guru.  He offered the first flower (parvachan i.e. holy sermons) of Bhagwat Katha, at the lotus feet of Krishna, his object of reverence and devotion in Village Phalen in Vrijbhumi.  Thousands of people came to see this extraordinary boy speaking on Bhagwat with a rare style and expressions.  Impressed and spell-bound, they all prophesied that this 12 years old boy would become a distinguished kathakar soon.

With the passage of time, when he was doing his 30th Bhagwat katha in 2007 at Shuktal – the Hindus’ pious and holy place where Bhagwat was first recited by Shukdev, son of Vedvyasji   to King Parikshat, the descendent of Pandavas  – Padamshree, 129 years old late Pandit Kalyan Devji, the head of the shrine was so spellbound by his melodious and scholarly sermons on Bhagwat Purana that he gave him the title of “Shukdev”. Till December 2008, Thakurji has accomplished 163 kathas all over the country including the main Dhams of Vrijbhumi like Varindavan, Govardhan, Radhakund, Barsana and holy places of Chitrakut, Badrinath, Shuktal, Haridwar, Dwarka etc.

Under his guidance, supervision and authorship, a monthly magazine Krishna Darshan has been published. He has also written a TIKA on Bhagwat. Satsang Bhajanmala, Bhagwat Vrijmadhuri, Sajjan Mero Girdhari, Bhagwat Pravah, Mere Girdha are few books of Bhajans published by Thakurji. Defining the divine love between Krishna and Gopis, he has recently published another book under the name of Pyasi piya Ki.

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