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Saintly Shree ‘Shubram Bahl Ji’ simply personified as ‘Guru Ji’ by jillions of devotees across the globe is a sacramental advocate of ‘Shree Sai Saccharitra Katha’ amongst his boundless list of followers.

‘Guru Ji’ as an embodiment of Lord Sai Nath is pursuing the task of pouring sacred showers of blessings and values in the form of ‘Holy Sai Kathas and sermons’ and his simplistic ideologies have made millions to undergo his healing therapy. Born On 19th August 1978 in Kanpur {U.P} , Guru Ji’s birth was a sparkling illustration of Lord Sai Nath’s miracle.

Like ceaseless distressed couples across the globe, Guru Ji’s father Shri Vinod Bahl and mother Smt Seema Bahl didn’t have a descendant. But it was their depthless and tenacious devotion for ‘Sai Nath of Shirdi’ and a concentrated desire to have a child that their want was fulfilled and Sai Nath blessed them with a male child ‘Shubram’.

‘Shubram’ has the approach of ‘Lord Ram’ in it’s title and paying rich tribute to his name , the child himself was blessed with godly and esteemed virtues which further left the whole world astonished and become his admirer.

Shubram Ji since his childhood was featured with exceptional and virtuous powers and the world began witnessing his colossal aspects of credence and love at the juvenile age itself. At the petite age of ‘12’ when the usual children were seen amusing themselves with toys or remain in the comfy blankets of their parent’s arms, Shubram Ji was relished reciting ‘Shiv Tandav Stotra’ in smooth Sanskrit.

It was his spiritual faith in ‘Sai Nath’ that he was gifted with such celestial powers which enabled him to cure people’s disease and to resolve their problems.

Shubram Ji’s grandfather –LATE Shri Dharamveer Bahl always remained his intellectual guru and his companionship provided him a harbor of dedicated wisdom.

Dharamveer Ji Bahal was also the esteemed founder of Sai Kripa Temple-Kanpur{also symbolized as the residency of grace and love}.

Unlike stereotype and habitual preachers, Shubram Ji never turned a blind eye to the randomly transforming world. His appetite to provide ‘Lord Sai Nath’s epistles’ was tough and in order to reach the hearts and minds of qualified and modern youth , ancient rugged approach was to be altered to a simple yet newfangled path. Guru Ji further decided to execute his education from English medium institutions further attaining the degree of masters in business administration. The only pure intention was to reach youth in a method which would probably be lot easier for them to understand, to generate love of mankind amongst them by excluding the ancient complicated textures of religion.

Unlike common ‘Sanyasis’ who have nothing to do with this undisciplined world, Shubram Ji decided to opt for the toughest path-the road to pass and shower messages of Lord Sai Nath to the entire world simultaneously along with ‘grahstha commitments’.

As a responsible child, he never objected the desires of his parents and stepped into a ‘wedlock’ graciously accepting all responsibilities.

But the sacred bond with a girl further energized his blotless passion to promote humanity and culture and it was the time when Lord Sai’s name was restricted to a mere Sai’s bhajans, he redefined the entire concept by introducing ‘’Shree Sai Saccharitra Katha’ by blissfully accompanying ‘humanly discources’’ and ‘’heavenly music’.

The trend introduced by ‘ Guruji’ further presented him as the genuine icon where followers of all age groups were the listeners, where discourses not only include the golden aspects of Lord Sai Nath or the religion but also about the latest national and international happenings, where people were taught to be responsible citizens and to encourage nationalistic approach in their souls, where his sermons have a distinctive approach and where something mentioned as ‘communication gap’ never existed even if the devotee is a preteen or a mature lad.

In a very short span of seven years since he presented his first ‘SaiKatha’ on 9thJan 2005, the acceleration to capture and win hearts made Guruji a named figure of the devotional world. It was his magical charisma and a mesmerizing way to heal souls that people started recognizing him as an orator who knows the pulse movements of his devotees. Besides, he being considered as the representative of ‘Lord Sai Nath’ proved to an added aspect to magically pour in gulps of devotees in need of a peaceful and regarded life.

It was this spotless and shiny love for his identity that people across the globe started calling him as ‘GuriJi’ with enormous faith and devotion.

As a memorandum, Guru Ji’s discourses and SaiKatha have not only been arranged in a multiple cities, but rather abroad at Boston {NewYork} too. His sermons and Kathas are also repeatedly telecasted on various spiritual channels like Aastha etc.

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