Tuesday, 12 November 2019

New satellite details for Aastha in Europe. You can watch Aastha for FREE on Satellite: 
Astra 2F - Transponder: Txp-95 - Frequency: 11,55275 – Polarity - Linear/Horizontal - Symbol Rate: 22.0 - Modulation: 4PSK - FEC: 5/6 - DVB-S carrier - Service ID: 55110.

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Prayag has got the greater religious significance and is known as the king of pilgrimages,because of being situated at the confluence of three holy rivers. Prayag has got six ghats two each on Ganga and Yamuna and two at the confluence of these rivers.At all these ghats innumerable pilgrimages are situated.

In the west of Sangam at some distance "Dhirrttya Kuliya" and "Madhu kuliya" are situated, ahead of them "Niranjan Tirtha" and in west of it is "Adutiya Tirtha". "Shrir Mochan" and "Parsu Ram Tirtha" are beneath the fort.The situation of sacred Saraswati river is said to be at that place as well.To take bath at this place is said to be of greater religious importance.Taking bath at Gaughat is as holy as giving cows in charity.At some distance ahead of these tirtha is "Kapil Tirtha" Which was established by "Lord Kapila". Here is the temple of "Indeshwar Shiva" and near to it "Tarkeshwar Kund" and "Tarkeshwar Shiva"At Daraganj is Dasashwamedh Ghat and at this place Lord Brahma had performed "Yajna".

Nearly in west is Lakshmi Tirtha ahead to it in South is "Mahadevi Tirtha" enclose vicinity of it in south are situated "Urvashi Tirtha" and "Urvashi Kund" Near Jhusi, Urvashi the famous dancer of India, used to takr bath here. Across Triveni "Agnikar" is situated which is known as "Arail" The temple of "Someshwar Mahadev" is here and the place is famous as "Som Tirtha".The Prayagraj is famous for Madho temples also.Twelve Madho temples are situated at different locations are given below:-    Shareb Madho:- In the east of Triveni it is situated in the garden of "Chatanaga" which had been the place of "Vyas ji’. Shiv Puran was written here.  

Adveni Madho:- Near the kothi of Ram Charan Agarwal at Daraganj, in the temple The idol of lakshmi Narain ji is there.    Manohar Madho:- In the temple of Darveshwar Nath, there is an idol of lord Vishnu, which is called Manohar Madho    Chara Madho:- Situated in Agnikor-Arail.    Gada Madho:- Situated near Chheoki Railway station.    Adam Madho:- Situated in village Deoria.    Anant Madho:- Approx Two miles away from Khuldabad. 

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